What is the difference between Purple and Brown Ereada® mats?

The PURPLE Ereada® mats have magnetic pulsation and photon Red Lights, which are quite innovative.

The BROWN Ereada® mats are more classic and similar to Richway products.

Ereada® mats bigger than Mini Mat have seven levels of heat on the controller. Brown Mini mat has a completely adjustable controller showing 30°C to 70°C temperature.

  • Level 1 is 86°F or 30°C (used for Negative Ions and Potential, all-night sleep low heat mode)
  • Level 2 is 98°F or 36°C (Low mode)
  • Level 3 is 110°F or 43°C (Low-medium mode)
  • Level 4 is 120°F or 49°C (Medium mode)
  • Level 5 is 133°F or 56°C (Medium-High mode)
  • Level 6 is 145°F or 63°C (High mode)
  • Level 7 is 158°F or 70°C (Highest mode)

CLASSIC BROWN Ereada® mats Compact Pro size and bigger have Negative Potential function (N.P.), which is considered the most efficient for Negative Ions generation. It provides more negative ions using a silver fiber layer to produce a High Negative Potential Electrostatic Field by DC 600v (similar to Richway E.D.N.I. function).

PURPLE Ereada® Compact Pro size and bigger mats have 300 Gauss intensity Permanent Magnets in the hip and leg zone, 400 Gauss intensity 8-64 Hz PEMF (VLF) Pulsation Magnetic Fields) in the upper part of the mat and PHOTON (Red Light 660NM) function. But they do not have the N.P. function of the Brown Ereada®  mats. 

PURPLE MINI mat has only static magnets and Photon Function. 

PURPLE Ereada® mats deliver Negative Ions into the air but in smaller amounts than Ereada® BROWN mats, producing a high voltage (-600v) electrostatic negative charge.

If we speak about amethyst crystals content per mat and the total weight of the mattresses, the PURPLE Ereada® ones of the same size are a little heavier.

The maximum heat level of the PURPLE Ereada® mat is a little higher because the magnetic pulsation increases intensity when you use it with crystal rays of heat. 

If you use PEMF of Ereada® PURPLE mats with the lowest heat level, it will be similar to N.P. (Negative Potential) of the Ereada® BROWN mats or RICHWAY professional mats E.D.N.I. function.

The N.P. feature is more gentle. When you go to sleep, you activate it for 1 hour; then, it auto shuts off.

PEMF works for 20 min every 90 mins when the mat is ON and it is activated.

Both PEMF and NP usually have similar effects but different technology and different process.

PURPLE Ereada® mats are also great for photon lights which may positively affect the look and appearance of the skin.

Some customers use amethyst mats for all night sleeping in the low heat settings. It may not be comfortable for everybody to sleep all night with the PEMF (especially as intensive as in PURPLE Ereada® mats) reactivating every 90 minutes. It may be overstimulating for some customers and better for daytime use only. 

So, if you go to sleep on the PURPLE Ereada® mat, you should manually deactivate the Photon (resumes every 4 hours for 1 hour) and PEMF functions after the first cycle is over. One period is usually enough. But again, everybody is unique, and often, folks find the best way to use the mat themselves. 

The surface of the PURPLE mats is covered with mesh fabric. So the stones may have more significant pressure on your back than if you use the BROWN mat covered with soft suede fabric. Either way, both mats are delivered with thick protector covers, and it should eliminate the hardness difference.

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